5 Health and Safety tips for keeping your employees safe

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It is vital to have a strong health and safety policy on a construction site in order to fully reach your potential in the industry. Accidents on site are not only dangerous for workers but are bad for morale and are not conducive to a productive workforce. Below are 5 tips for keeping your employees safe.

1. Plan

Before starting construction it is vital to have site-specific health and safety regulations in place. Having a general plan is all well and good but there are individual dangers on each construction site that are completely unique to that location. Anomaly Hi-Vis generates personal content that will inform construction workers of the specific dangers to look out for on the job.

Rick of falling Safety Sign

2. Proper Uniforms

The proper protective clothing and equipment should be handed out and reissued when it is no longer in a suitable condition. However sometimes simply providing safety gear is not enough, it is important to make sure that everyone is wearing their protective attire. Anomaly Hi-Vis features multiple general health and safety information ads that remind construction workers to always wear their safety clothing.

3. Promote health codes

Promoting health and safety codes and regulations is an effective way of opening communication with employees about the on-site conditions and personal well-being. In addition to producing general and specific health and safety dress codes, Anomaly Hi-Vis also constructs information regarding general and precise health and safety regulations. For example fire escape reminders. The content also stretches to medical information, such as highlighting where the defibrillator is kept, as well as material on colds and high blood pressure.

4. Don’t become lazy

Having a carefully planned health and safety proposal is a great step to a safe construction site. However, it is important to keep interacting with employees concerning regulations so they do not become complacent. It is not worth the risk of a construction worker becoming too comfortable working with an industrial machine resulting in them becoming distracted and having an accident. To prevent this, Anomaly Hi-Vis displays multiple information adverts in a constantly rotating format to avoid employees becoming used to the messages being projected.

Communication with Site Workforce

5. Ask for feedback

Requesting feedback from employees is fundamental in showing construction workers that their employees value their opinion, it is also another way to keep health and safety highlighted in workplace conversation. Moreover, Anomaly Hi-Vis allows content to be updated to match any new health and safety issues that have been raised during feedback meetings

For more information please visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/index.htm