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Bespoke Digital Signage Solution. Real-Time Communication.

An interactive digital alternative to conventional signage for multiple sectors, Anomaly Visual allows you to broadcast custom messages to your staff, clients or the general public quickly and easily using Anomaly screens.



Easy to install, simple to operate, and highly effective. We create a unique playlist for each screen; fill it with engaging and relevant content and then give you access to a huge content library that is updated each month.



Your Playlist is yours to update any time you like. With cloud-based software, there is nothing to install on your computer and a secure login will be provided for anyone assigned to your organisation. You can add ready-made content from our library, or share your own posters, videos and messages in real-time. 

Delivering Key Information to

Staff, Clients and the Public

Public Facing Screens

Used as public facing screens mounted seamlessly onto your hoarding or in free-standing totems – our external digital signage screens are vandal-proof, fully weather-proof and easily updated.

Internal Information Points

Communicate important health and wellbeing content to staff during their breaks. Display a mix of bespoke and tailor-made content, including UK news, local weather, health and wellbeing, as well as bespoke branded company information.

Health and Safety Screens

Install unique Anomaly Visual Screens in factories, warehouses and construction sites, to encourage adherence to health and safety procedures. Significantly reducing the risks across your work site to comply with regulations outlined by the HSE.

Why choose Anomaly Visual?

Anomaly has worked with some of the UK’s largest and most innovative companies, ensuring workers stay safe and the public stay informed. Let’s show you how the unique Anomaly system differs from any other digital signage system or information-driven initiative.

Increase Engagement

An interactive alternative to conventional posters and signage. Our dynamic content captivates viewers, increasing engagement and improving brand awareness.

Update Instantly

Using our secure web-based platform, the screens can be updated from any location with an internet connection. The online portal is easily accessible using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Schedule Content

Schedule content for specific dates and times. Show content aimed at your workforce during operating hours and switch to public-facing content in the evening.

User Friendly Software

At the touch of a button, you can quickly and easily broadcast content or messages to multiple screens across the country or display unique content on each screen.

Bespoke Design

Our in-house design team can incorporate your branding onto the screen layout and on to custom content. We are on hand to assist in creating and sourcing content.

No Adverts

We put you in control, creating a personalised TV channel with your branding, your content and absolutely no adverts.

More than just digital signage!

Tailored bespoke content, branded to your site requirements

Supported by highly trained engineers, designers and service technicians, unlimited training and remote monitoring to ensure customer value.