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Anomaly Interactive

Anomaly Interactive is part of Anomaly Group Holdings, who are also owners of The Life Channel.

The founder of Anomaly Group Holdings is responsible for building some of Europe’s largest private TV networks for reputable clients including Tesco TV and Asda Walmart.

How It All Started

Originally set up to broadcast awareness campaigns into doctor’s surgeries The Life Channel is now known as Anomaly Interactive is the largest out of home digital network.


Launched the Schools Network

The Life Channel (Anomaly Hi Vis) was launched into UK schools in 2007 by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Customers2007 - 2018


Since then, Life Channel has been installed in over 2,000 schools and 4,000 surgeries.


Justice Network Lauched

Anomaly Interactive Launched the The Justice Channel, which is also installed into 75 UK prisons and probation centres across the UK.


Joined Forces

In 2012, Anomaly Interactive joined forces with The Life Channel to develop a unique range of external screens for school playgrounds to aid with parent communication and pupil safeguarding.


Hi-Vis was Born

Following the successful provision of unique robust external screens for thousands of UK schools, Anomaly has now extended their reach to meet the needs of the construction industry. With years of experience, Anomaly Hi-Vis enables you to communicate with your entire workforce with ease.

Hi Vis is more than just digital signage....
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