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Infra-Red Fever Detection Warning System

The fever detection system enables the customer to carryout early stage mass multi-target temperature fever screening in crowded places. It operates accurately at a distance of between 8 to 2 meters on individuals at walking pace, detecting and identifying those with an above normal temperature or a systemic fever. Each person’s skin temperature is measured against an average set temperature, using a thermography measurement algorithm which works alongside Artificial Intelligent facial recognition, ensuring accurate identification of those at risk. Designed to be installed by the customer and easy to use, the system can be incorporated into both public and private sector environments.

Keep your Employees, Visitors and Business Safe

When the system identifies a person with a high temperature, it delivers an automatic warning, tracks the individual and stores the data. The system also provides a video recording thus improving classification and identification management.

  • Enhances institutional safety and responsibility
  • Identifies individuals showing fever symptoms as they enter the premises
  • Facilitates a process for further screening and potential exclusion of sick individuals
  • Deters employees, visitors, or contractors who have a fever
  • Real time multiple screening avoids queues
  • Stand-alone fully integrated system
  • Quick to deploy and a simple user interface

Public and Private Sector Applications

IR Thermal Warning System Detection Features

  • AI enhanced facial recognition software enables the system to recognise people wearing masks or scarves
  • Multi-Target tracking ensures no person is missed from screening
  • Each person’s skin temperature is measured against a predetermined set temperature – password protected
  • Custom warning zones and high temperature shielding settings avoid interference from other high temperature objects
  • Certification: CE – European Union Declaration of Conformity & CUC – China United Calibration Service. Details available upon request.

T20 IR Thermal Warning Detection Camera

Mobile and easy to operate, it is the market leading entry level handheld/tripod mounted thermal camera and has an accuracy of ±0.5°C. The Single Mode allows the operator to check individuals 1 by 1, whereas Fast Made can be mounted on a tripod at entrances/exits to monitor multiple people. Both modes have an automatic warning alarm to signal a subject with an abnormal temperature and the device is compatible with an SD card enabling both manual/automatic data capture.


Anomaly Group

Anomaly Group have partnered with a leading Chinese technology company, and the global market leader in Artificial Intelligence enhanced temperature and facial recognition systems. The manufacturer developed the system in response to the 2003 SARS virus outbreak and since deployed over 30,000 units globally with sales in excess of US $460m. They are the 4th largest technology company by market capital on the Shenzhen exchange.

Anomaly Group, through their subsidiary Anomaly Interactive Ltd., are the UK’s largest provider of advanced screen-based health & safety and communications systems to UK State Schools, Prisons, Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Construction, Manufacturing, Transport and Utility Companies.

Is this proven technology?

The technology has been enhanced with AI algorithms to ensure accuracy in both facial recognition and temperature ranges. This system has been deployed in airports, railway stations, universities, schools, Government ministries, banks and commercial buildings across China, and internationally. More than 30,000 systems have been sold worldwide

Does the technology discriminate against people based on any number of traits?

The system scans everyone passing a certain point, and simply provides a temperature reading of each person scanned, alerting the user of any abnormal readings. The focus is to provide a reliable means of improving safety for all employees, visitors and contractors by helping our customers create the safest of environments.

Can more than one camera be networked to a monitoring screen?

Yes, multiple entrances can be monitored from one workstation using multiple screens. However, the operator would need a protocol to be in place to intercept individuals identified as having an abnormal temperature.

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