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Bespoke external screen systems to relay on site Health and Safety information

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Sustainable, Turnkey Signage Solutions

An interactive digital alternative to conventional signage for multiple sectors to keep workers, visitors and general public safe and informed. Anomaly’s 12-volt fully off-grid system consumes less than 100 watts and can easily be relocated within minutes.


Anomaly Visual / Bam Nuttall Ltd - Case Study


BAM Nuttall Ltd 


Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme in York.


2 x Outdoor freestanding interactive displays


The “fully off grid” digital signage system is used at BAM Nuttall Ltd, Clifton Ings Flood Alleviation Scheme in York. Delivering crucial information to site, independent of any external power or data source. Situated outside the site office and the welfare pod, the screens are used to communicate with staff on site. Displaying health and safety reminders, PPE requirements, induction information, and also promotes staff wellbeing with mental health videos. 


Key points:

  • Turnkey solution
  • Fully off-grid / solar powered system
  • Real-time updates
  • Company branded (BAM)

  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Touchscreen option
  • Instantly reduces risk & raises awareness
  • Schedule targeted content

  • 4G Data Connection
  • 12-volt system
  • Easily relocated in minutes
  • Fully serviced

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